Zé Express
Previously known as Vizi, Zé Express is Ambev's smart refrigerator for rental. The idea is to bring the brand's wide portfolio and its famously fast delivery down to your condo so that you'll never run out of your favorite beverage ever again.

The challenge here was to keep Zé Delivery's ecosystem (which is consisted of three initiatives: Zé Delivery as the main one, Zé Compensa and Zé Express as its sub-brands, sort of) visually cohesive while also reflecting Zé Express' key concepts: fast delivery, ice cold beverages and smart technology. 

We kept the logo structure, typography and color palette (black, white and warm yellow) as a way to connect with the main brand and introduced two new colors, a more modern typeface and a fun photographic style to create an energetic, bold and vibrant visual identity that reflects a never-stopping-always-on-the-go fast paced society.

Roles: Logo / Visual Identity / Iconography / Brand Guidelines

FutureBrand Team

Creative Direction: Rodrigo Valdevite
Design Lead: Amanda Oliveira
Design: Isabella Mello
Verbal Identity: Juliana Bezerra , Thayná Alves, Vinícius Cambruzzi
Client: Ambev


HWT Artz 
by Erik Spiekermann

Acid Grotesk
by Pablo Fernández
(Fonts From Folch)

Isabella Mello©