Zé Compensa
Zé Compensa is the new reward program of Ambev’s Zé Delivery, a Brazilian beverage delivery service. Within the app you can find all sorts of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, candies and snacks - basically everything you need to get a party started (or to keep it going).

We were approched to create its logo and both verbal & visual identities. The main characteristic of Zé Delivery is its playfulness and its hability to save any and every social gathering - known in Brazil as “rolê”.

Through our investigations together with their team, we came up with a fun and urban identity that speaks to the consumer in a joyful, authentic and humorous way.


Roles: Logo / Visual Identity / Brand Guidelines

FutureBrand Team

Creative Direction: Rodrigo Valdevite
Design Lead: Amanda Oliveira
Design: Isabella Mello
Verbal Identity: Juliana Bezerra , Thayná Alves
Motion Graphics: Francisco Fernandes
Client: Ambev


Poster Cut Neue
by Adam Ladd

HWT Artz
by Erik Spiekermann

by Vernon Adams, Cyreal, Jacques Le Bailly

Isabella Mello©