EVI is a beauty brand for Brazilian women aged 40 to 55.

By observing and listening to these women, the founders realized that the products available on the market didn't talk in a welcoming and optimistic way. Quite the opposite, they caused feelings of urgency and frustration over time.

We started from the premise that beauty products love to be anti: anti-wrinkle, anti-signs, anti-aging. As an answer to that, we asked the question: wouldn't it be more liberating if beauty were simply in favor? That's how we came to the core expression "Beyond Beauty", giving the brand a more open and embracing speech.


Roles: Logo / Visual Identity / Packaging /
Brand Guidelines

Papanapa Team

Creative Direction: Gustavo Garcia
Design: Gustavo Garcia, Isabella Mello
Logotype Refinement: Thiago Bellotti

Client: EVI

Partnered with


MD Nichrome
by Rutherford Craze

by Rasmus Andersson

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