Black Cat Club
As part of PUMA's job application process, I was asked to envision what the brand's loyalty program would look like, from naming down to packaging.

The idea is that it's not about buying or having more (points, rewards... things) but instead belonging and expressing yourself authentically while being in a (75 year-old!) community that shares the same values and vision as you.

So, the Black Cat Club is not just another membership program, it's a lifestyle community for true PUMA lovers (athletes, sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts alike).

It pays homage to the brand's history through its colors and logo and also looks forward to writing its new chapters among the very best crew. Together, we are Forever. Faster.

Roles: Visual Identity / Verbal Identity / Packaging

Photography: PUMA
Illustrations: KicksArt
Client*: PUMA

*Not a commercial project. It was part of an application process for a Brand Designer position.


Baton Nouveau
by Fatype

Isabella Mello©