Allonda is a holding company formed by five companies whose mission is to transform the future through sustainability.

As a moment of evolution of the company, we reviewed and developed a new visual system that reinforces its purpose and expands the possibilities of communication — without changing the existing logo. Through our investigations together with their team, we understood that the new visuals needed to be flexible, engaging, and trustworthy.

We started by reviewing their colors then we picked a new typeface, more dynamic and robust, that relates harmoniously with the visual elements of the brand.

In the system, the oval shape of the symbol takes center stage, being applied in different ways, from lines to gradients and photos. We have also developed a warmer and closer photography style guide featuring the people who effectively participate in this environmental transformation.


Roles: Visual  Identity / Brand Guidelines

Papanapa Team

Creative Direction: Gustavo Garcia
Design: Gustavo Garcia, Isabella Mello
Photography: Allonda
Client: Allonda

Heading Pro
by Francesco Canovaro

by Vernon Adams

Isabella Mello©